From specifications to customer acceptance

Web project ?

A web project can be a mobile application or a website. This project meets a functional or commercial need determined beforehand.

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To create a website, you need to apply some simple techniques to get the most out of your website. This is true regardless of your field of activity. The first step to take when creating a website is to define the objective of the platform. It is important to be clear and precise on the objectives that you want to achieve with the site. To have an idea of a successful website, discover the d├ę website.

Digital marketing in the spotlight!

Social media marketing

The objective of social media marketing is to establish a relationship based on discussion, exchange and co-production of ideas with fans.

Influence marketing

To improve a brand’s visibility, acquire new prospects and reach more people, use influencer marketing.


E-marketing methods are aimed at reaching and educating consumers through communication technologies.

Content marketing

The effects of content marketing are considerable in relation to the SEO strategy chosen and adopted by a company.

Inbound marketing

Inbound marketing offers a unique and personalized experience based on the profile and behavior of each prospect.

Mobile marketing

Mobile marketing allows a company to get closer to the consumer by stimulating the buying act while generating interactivity.

Website design

Before designing the models of the main pages of a site, it is necessary to start by making the tree structure of the Web platform. This design style allows for a global vision of the portal as well as the navigation paths. During the creation of a website such as , it is necessary to go through the realization of the models.

User experience: these sites that deserve a little visit!

Do you need to do a web project but are lacking in creativity? There are some sites that deserve a visit.